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Callie Longenecker, CCN, CCH, CPD

Callie is a Clinical Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist, Doula, Postpartum Care Provider,

Chef and Mother. 


In 2015 she left the midwest to move to Colorado and has called it home ever since.

Her background in the culinary field includes a Culinary Arts Degree from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts as well as working in Michelin-starred restaurants in Northeastern Italy.

  She studied Botany, Nutrition and Clinical Herbalism at CSCH in Boulder, CO and attended The Matrona and INNATE Traditions to receive her Birth + Postpartum Doula Certifications. She has been working with mothers and herbal medicine for over a decade, with her first introduction being a doula at her youngest sister’s home birth. 



She works closely with the Colorado Grain Chain and several organic farms on the Front Range, sourcing grains to mill her own flours, raw dairy for making butter + cheese, fruit + vegetable preservation, and her food based body product line, Earthen Hands

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